Save lighting setup

Is there a way to save an actual lighting setup as a template or such?

Let’s say I have a specific lighting setup that I want to use on many different products/files. It would be very nice to have the possibility to save a lighting setup as in a real studio and just have to get that into the project with one click instead of having to place all the lights over and over again for every new project if you want to use the exact same setup.

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:bulb: Lighting not Lightning :cloud_with_lightning:

Create a model with just the lighting setup. Then use it as a template to create a new file and import your product 3dm into the new file.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

So there is no function to just select all the lights and save as a setup in a kind of library of different lighting settings you often use.

Let’s say, for example, that I have three or more different setups that I use all the time and would like to quickly switch between by being able to select any of them from a list or menu without having to export the model to a new file. Like when you can turn individual light sources on and off in the light panel. I assume from your answer that such a function does not exist … It would have made the workflow quite smooth when working with lighting :slight_smile:

Is there any other solution to avoid exporting in this case?

There is no such functionality yet, but as it happens in our Rendering workgroup (meeting once every two weeks) we have been discussing features that would help your case.

You could script this to work around it for now I would create the different lighting setups, including rendering settings in separate files. Put the lights and elements you need to get the effects you want on a layer with a name following convention you can work with.

Then in a script you could ask the user what lighting setup is wanted and essentially swap out the existing lighting and rendering settings with the ones from the lighting setup file you have chosen.

I’ll give a crack at creating a quick script that can help here.

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Thanks again Nathan for your support!

I think such a feature in future upgrades would be mega :slight_smile: