How to save my environment lights set up- aka like a studio view


so i do lots of renderings of 4 foot light fixtures in rhino (and Creo), Rhino is the base model only no flamingo or any special stuffies. I’d like to save my set up- lights, intensities, perhaps materials ect… is there a way to export/import this so I can just load my new models into my “studio” and position and render away??

thanks n advance home skillets.


come on hommies!! anyway to do this?
Save/Export my materials/ colors, lighting settings ect…

I’m going to try it a getto way and keep everything set up, do a save as- xxx, delete model & and bring in my new model… fingers crossed, re assign materials = render

(Marc Gibeault) #3

Every render setting and material is saved in the file, there’s nothing more to it than that…
Import your models and the scene will stay the same…

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #4

Leave the lights and materials, delete model. Save as template. Then create new file, using newly saved template, then just as @Marc says: import, touch up model, render.