Save As & Print - Differences

I’m checking what’s possible at the moment regards to exporting pdf files.
As I know there is some development going on, and the best printing method is to go by Save As… route.
However, the results are not satisfactory because some elements such as door sweep lines are not printed. There are also differences at the wall ends.

I’m using Hidden display mode and print both to vector and raster.
Is there something that can be done about that?

RH7 Save As… - Hidden - Vector

RH7 Print (Rhino PDF) - Hidden - Vector

Hi @Czaja,

When you execute the command SaveAs command, VisualARQ converts all custom objects to Rhino native blocks, so they can be saved to 3DM (or any other file format).

If you want to generate a PDF with all VisualARQ display features enabled, you need to use the Print command. Also make sure you’re using VisualARQ’s “Hidden” display mode, as is the only display mode that currently supports printing with hidden-line-removal without actually running a Make2D.


Yes, I’m using Hidden display mode. The thing is that Save As… has better dialog and allows users to print multiple pages with different sizes each. If I understood correctly what @wim wrote somewhere Print will eventually bring up the same dialog as Save As PDF?

Hi Jakub -
You understood that correctly, yes.