Save as dxf things vanish?


I have been trying to save a file for some boat cushions so I can send a cut file to my supplier and when I convert to dxf 2007 some of the parts vanish ? I’ve been here before and have checked many times for open curves and the explode polycurves check box and still getting the problem.

F2 reveals 3 skipped curves.

seating 1 - cut ready 2.dxf (9.2 MB)

Do the curves “disappearing” on export select if you do a SelBadObjects? Bad objects do not get exported. If they are bad, try selecting them, Explode, then Join. That usually fixes bad curves.

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Bang on @Helvetosaur thank you for that it has save correctly now, Thank you very much … you rock, have last thursday off :slight_smile: