Save a few Geos to a new Drawing in C#

Hi there. I am trying to do something which should be sufficiently simple (I think) I am trying to take a number of selected geometries from a massive drawing and save them as INDIVIDUAL Rhino files.

I cannot seem to find a clean way of doing this that doesn’t involve saving files and opening the original file. Is there no way to get 2 RhinoDoc objects? Can I copy from one Rhino Document to another?


EDIT: I am so sorry. I forgot to add that I need to do this PROGRAMMATICALLY in a C# plug-in. Thanks for everyone who has responded so far. I will be more specific on my next post.

just select what you want and export it as 3dm file

Are you talking about scripting here?

Yes, “manually” via the Windows clipboard.

Or in other words Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V if you like :slight_smile: