Same GH File works on RH7 but fails on RH6


I was developing a GH Definition in Rhino 7 and everything worked fine. Then I opened the same file in Rhino 6 and one component (Offest Curve) seems to fail.

Please find attached the GH File. (10.6 KB)

I believe it has to do with different Rhino Common References? Is this a bug or a “to expect” behaviour… which would mean I will always have to double check if my GH created in V7 is working on the other V6… and vice versa?


The offset component is missing the plane input.

The offset component created with GH for Rhino7 have a default internalized WorldXY plane in the plane input.
But that plane is missing when the file is read by GH for Rhino6. It’s empty.
If you create a offset component from GH for R6 the plane is there, like in R7 …

To avoid this uncertainty, use a PlaneXY component and connect it to the Offset plane input.
The problem seems just this…

Thank you Riccardo,

are there any other known differences between Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 GH (Since it’s the same GH release, I figured both are using the same core libraries in the background)

  • Martin

I’m not sure, I don’t know.
If I were you, I’d develop my script on the Rhino version it will run.
Also, I’d expect to have less problem with forward compatibility than backward, I think it’s safer to develop in RH6 and maybe then run the script in RH7 than vice-versa.