Gh file built using Rhino 6 crashes when opening in Rhino 7

I have recently upgraded to Rhino 7 and have a lot of legacy Grasshopper files which were built using Rhino 6. When i try to open these in using v7 both Grasshopper and Rhino crash with no error message shown.

Are there any known incompatibilities for gh files between Rhino 6 and Rhino 7?

Is there any way to get more information on what is causing the crash, i.e. an error log or similar which can point towards a solution?

Hi @maria1,

To provide any help, we’ll need to see the GH file. If needed, you can send it to me privately.

Are you using 3rdf party components - ones that don’t come with Rhino?

– Dale

Thanks Dale, I’m using Ladybug and Honeybee components in addition to those that come with Rhino.

I’ll share one of the problem files privately.