SafeMode bugs

Hi, I just installed V6 on my laptop and opened the “Safe mode” by accident and then opened a file and was asked if I wanted to load plugins and clicked “yes” ofcourse. (I was going to close Rhino and open the normal version, so I just wanted to get rid of the warnings.)
Then this popped up:

So I clicked OK and then clicked No on the other questions about other plugins to load (as Yes didn’t work on the first one) and then this popped up:

So I clicked OK and closed Rhino and then this baby popped up:
and I had to click NO four times for it to go away.

Starting normal Rhino works fine though!

Hi Jorgen - thanks, I’ll see what I can find out. My guess is the 4x last message was not the same but for different plug-ins each time (?)


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