Saddle Surface

Hi everyone,

I want to reproduce this model as a single surface that has height, weight, etc. parameters. Is it possible? Can you help me, please?

Thanks in advance

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This might not directly answer this particular question but you can look into surfaces generated with expressions - did you see topics like this one:


Yes, I saw Mr. Rene, but this is not my answer. The examples on this page do not allow me to conduct a Millipede analysis or fabricate them with a 3D printer.

I am not sure but I think you miss how a surface is represented in Rhinoceros. Globally it is a rectangular grid (UV coordinates). So it will work with a triangle but you will get that
I am not sure it is good for whatever you need.
it is large at right and very distorted on the left.

It is surely better to divide it in 3 or 6 ! Like in the previous post of yours.

Actually, I want to do that in Grasshopper since the parameters are important for me to perform a Genetic Algorithm through Wallace X.

You lost me !
I understand that Millipede is surely for stress analysis then some optimization with Wallace X, and structure made with some Lattice. Perhaps a sketch of your envisioned workflow could be understood by someone used to this kind of job.

Seconding what Laurent is stating, what still is unclear to me is the need for a single untrimmed surface when your analyses don’t strictly require a surface, or do they? My understanding is that you actually need meshes. Could it be that you need the untrimmed surface to perform some other operations you are not revealing here?

Yes, you are definitely right. I did the same thing before with different shell geometry. I could share my model but everyone doesn’t use the same plugins with me to open it. But I can share I workflow to tell what I want to do.

Yes, we can do it with meshes. Since I did something similar with the surfaces, it would be easy for me to work with them. But it is not obligatory

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not possible for your specific case → you’d get undesirable topology

See attached. (50.1 KB)

BTW: what means weight? Or you want to thicken the BrepFace? (if so see 2nd C# - notify if you want more rational sides [straight cut so to speak]).

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Wow, it is fascinating. Thanks for the great work.