Running python scripts with Rhino.Inside.Resolver


We are building our own custom .Net 7 service to automate some of our 3d manipulations.
So far, we have Added the volatile data to all the different floating parameters we required and we are able to save the gh file with the volatile data saved as persistent. We can open the saved gh file and it will compute locally on our personal computer. However some of our customs scripts in python do not seem to be running properly since we are returned this error message : “Before Solution exception: There is no Python interpreter loaded. Check that the RhinoPython rhp file is loaded.: component “GhPython Script”.”

We found out that, based on Reflections, it’ll be probably a little bit challenging to make it work, since the IronPython.dll does not seems to be loadable from dotnet 7.

Any tips on how to solve this issue would be appreciated.

Thank you!