Rhino 7 with PyCharm

I am having no success in setting up PyCharm with Rhino 7.

I am new to Rhino and need to write batch-runnable (outside of Rhino GUI) scripts to examine and alter geometry & attributes (Layers) in a number of existing 3dm files.

I cannot find Ironpython to set as my Python Interpreter.

I have found references to setting rhinoscriptsyntax.py, but not sure what/where to set a python interpreter for PyCharm.

I am using Version 7 SR33 (7.33.23248.13001, 2023-09-05) Rhinoceros and PyCharm 2023.2.1 Community - Build #PC-232.9559.58, built on August 22, 2023

Thanks in advance,

Hi Again,
I found IronPython 3.4.1 but PyCharm says it is unsupported.

You might have better luck using Rhino.Inside Python for this type of work.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for this pointer - I did take a look but work pressures have forced me in a different direction (for now)