Will Rhino 7 use python 2.7 or 3.8?

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I think there are good improvements in Python 3.8 as opposed to 2.7 so I was wondering if at any stage new Python will be implemented in R7 or not? Does anybody have any info?

Rhino does not use either. Rhino uses IronPython, which is currently stuck on version 2.7. IIRC, there are some ways/workarounds to ‘import’ C Python 3.8…

FWIW IronPython 3 does appear to be slowly slithering along (or hatching, I suppose):

Thank you… I better don’t get too excited. :wink:

Hi @Erdem,

It is possible to run Rhino.Inside of CPython.

– Dale

Hi @dale,

I looked at the topic you provided, it looks interesting. In a post somebody says that it’s not possible to run Python 3.x code in Grasshopper. Is there a workaround for that also? And where can I find a complete tutorial on how to setup CPython? I’m using VSCode and PyCharm for coding as well as Rhino’s Python Editor. Should I first install CPython just like installing another Python version and select it as the interpreter in VSCode or PyCharm?

I’ve done my testing in PyCharm. But VSCode should work too.

– Dale

More CPython in Grasshopper.

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