RTX 3000 Series and RhinoCycles

Installed a 3080 yesterday. As far as I know, the latest RH7 Beta is supposed to bring Ampere/RTX3000 support. Cuda rendering works fine but when I activate Optix, Rhino crashes when I start raytraced display mode. When I switched to raytraced the first time, Rhino went unresponsive. I guess some compiling was ongoing? I was impatient and killed the process, so maybe I just broke something? At least that’s the case when killing Rhino while OpenCL kernels are being compiled.

I would assume that the McNeel developers have gotten Ampere cards from Nvidia early and had time to test it?

I haven’t tried any of the available denoiser plugins yet. Will try that next.

Here is a Holomark run with RH6.

I have the Asus 3080 TUF OC, it’s huge and heavy, although this model is still slightly more compact compared to most other models. Regarding the 10GB of Vram, this is enough for me. I don’t render big architectural scenes nor do I use huge textures. Mostly product renders and even 8GB of Vram have always been more than enough for my kind of work. For those of you who do architectural stuff, the 24GB 3090 might be more suited. But beware, Nvidia will bring a 3080Ti with 20GB soon, which will probably make the 3090 look like a pretty bad deal.

I’ll post further experience with this card here and hope others throw in theirs here as well.

Yes, it compiles the final kernel from the provided .ptx file. I’m actually not sure where the result gets saved.

Anyway, I’ll have to ask @jeff to test on the Ampere machine he has access to. Maybe I have to create a new .ptx file with the latest CUDA toolkit. I don’t know yet.

Well, not me.

Well then @ whomever is in charge of the McNeel finances: please buy RTX30 for @nathanletwory asap :innocent:

Bad assumption… NVidia hasn’t sent us any Ampere cards. Apparently they’re hard to come by, even for NVidia. It’s somewhat surprising that you were able to get one…and even more surprising that you got two.

I’ve been given access to a VM where minimal testing can be done…however, I did not test Optix…I will later today and see how it goes.


@nathanletwory, @hitenter

Optix seems to be working just fine on the VM…at least for the A6000.


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Pro-tip: click on Raytraced (Cycles) in the HUD to show the device that is being used

I should point out though…that the standalone renderer seems to take around 1-2 minutes of pre-processing before you see any kind of feedback in the command line, and before the render UI displays…but eventually it does start…

Note: This happens every time, so it’s not some kind of “initial” setup or compilation…
Note2: Switching in and out of Raytraced mode in the viewport, the rendering begins almost instantly, so I’m not sure what the standalone renderer is doing, but it does “appear” to hang Rhino…but eventually things start working and responding.


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Not sure if it matters, but I’m currently testing the 7.1 BOTD, not the 7.0 BETA… but they should be the same.


Is this file available as an example? or something similar?

I used to do a lot of rendering (3dmax) and am looking to dig into Rhino / TwinMotion / RhinoInside workflows a bit.

Thanks in advance.

@scottd, @BrianJ, @pascal, Can help you with that… I believe the example above is available…but again, these guys would know better.


They should be the same wrt the OptiX kernel provided. You could of course test stil with 7.0 BETA.

Kyle (@theoutside) will also know, and probably have some examples.


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I sent @rickson a sample. We are still working on ones we can can distribute widely.


Ya, I went ahead and did that… Everything currently checks out atm.


I’m seeing a few crashes with optix enabled when enabling and disabling NVidia denoiser on my rtx 5000… updating drivers to continue testing.

@nathanletwory ^^^

I don’t do the denoisers. But @DavidEranen does.

I was waiting for a new beta to fix my crashes with optix. no new beta release this week? or is there something else that I can try to make optix work with my 3080? I did send the crash reports.

@theoutside Can you reproduce the issue?