RS PointPick method enhancements request

Hi @dale,

For the improved Rhino.PointPick method, we had some ideas scattered all over the place in different threads, so I am consolidating them here, with addition of 1 new one:

  1. Add blnIgnoreGroups (equivalent of Ctrl+Shift+LMB click)
  2. Add arrObjects - the picking will be limited to user-provided set of objects only (similar to GetObjects way)
  3. blnUseOsnap - pay attention to OSnap and use “Snapped” point as the pick

What kind of cookies would it take to make this one go higher up on the heap ?


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Hi @Dale,

I am trying to take advantage of the PointPick method new functionalities. So far I can tell that the arrObjects (picking from the defined set) works great and is a huge speed up on larger scenes.

I have a problem with the Osnap though. I can’t seem to get it to work. What I see currently is snaps no matter of the setting or what actual osnaps are enabled, but the snap is limited to the picked object only? I am confused - how is this supposed to work?
From the help file I imagined it would behave like regular command osnap - paying attention to which particular osnaps are enabled, and snap to everything in the scene that normally commands would snap to.

Please take a look at this testing script - maybe it will help to illustrate the problem. You can toggle snapping by moving the cursor over the top vport edge.

So ideally with the snap on, if would pay attention if near is ON (to snap along the seam) or End Snap only not to snap to the seam. Or when disabled, not to snap to anything.

pointpick_snap_test.rvb (1.8 KB)

Many thanks,


hi @Dale, any thoughts on this?

Hi @Jarek,

I’ll try to look at this next week.

– Dale

Hi @Dale,

Still trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong or there is a problem with the method and snapping…
I have been testing this is several different ways but can’t get the snapping to “behave”…

– jarek

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