Bug(?) on Turn on solid control points

Dear All!

I think I found a bug in Rhino 3D v.6, but I’m not sure.

I wanted to make a pyramid from a cuboid. I drew a cuboid and I click the “turn on solid control points” in the Solid Tools to move the four upper corner of the cuboid into one central point to make the pyramid. It didn’t happen, the program didn’t let me to collect all four corners into one pont (peak, vertex?)
This function may not built for this aim, I don’t know. I attach the drawing to check it. Thanks for your answers!

pyramid-bug.3dm (191.9 KB)

Hello - the result of that would be to make the top face have zero surface area - a degenerate face - so it is not allowed. ExtractSrf that top face and delete it, then have a try.


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I see. Thank you for your answer!