Problem with Dimension Tool and Rotation


After I select aligned dimension tool, first it won’t allow me to pick whichever point for my references. There are some designated points showing up on the plane and all I can pick are those. And I know that it should’t be the case. I am supposed to move freely and pick whichever points to show the dimension. Second, the points are all on the horizontal or vertical line so I am not able to measure diagonals. Did anyone have this kind of problem?

My second problem is on rotating a 3D object. I am not able to rotate the object a certain degree I want with my cursor moving around. I can only rotate either 90 degrees or 180 degrees. I have tried using “rotate” and “rotate3D” under “Transform” on the menu and both didn’t work. Am I missing something?
Please share your thoughts if you had the same problems or if you know what I did wrong.

See if this video can help you.