[BUG?] RH6 Beta aligns aligned dimensions if you drag one of them


I just found a weird behaviour on how Rhino 6 manages aligned dimensions.

In the screenshot, several dimensions are created in the model (all of the aligned dimensions).

If I pull from one of the manipulators of one of the dimensions, this weird thing happens:

This doesn’t happen on RH5 (copying the same objects and repeating the process).


Thanks for the report! I’m unable to repeat it here however, can you post the 3dm?

@Angel -
That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

Aligned dimensions are ones wit the dimension line parallel to a line through the points being dimensioned.

Rotated dimensions are ones with the dimension line at a specific angle in space regardless of where the points being dimensioned are.

Horizontal and Vertical dimensions made with the Dim command are special cases of Rotated dimensions.

My point is that this doesn’t happen in RH5.

It seems that as now dimensions are associated to the geometry (“by default”) even using TAB to restrain then during their creation, if you modify one of them, they update and align to the line connecting the two elements snapped during its creation. It’s not bad, is just a new “feature” that needs to be understood.

With the old behaviour, sometimes I used aligned dimensions by default, because they let me dimension elements in any situation. Now, in RH6 I will need to stick to the dimension type that needs to be used on each case. It’s not a big drama, is just different (I thought that was a bug).

OK, Thanks for explaining.