Rhino to Unreal


To be to the point, I like all objects in the model to have the same pivot point (0,0,0).

Why, because I found some issues with the export to UE5 with Datasmith. For some reason some the objects repositioned in UE after a reimport or update (Direct Link).
It could to do with the object names from Rhino to UE after adjustments in the Rhino model.

This all should be solved if the pivots are on the same coordinates. Then I can easily reposition the ‘wrong’ objects in UE. I found I could do this for one object at the same time, but if I have a complete model with hundred objects it become a dayjob.

The question in this is if it is possible to select the complete model and give this a pivot point of 0,0,0?
Maybe with a script or something?

Some screenshots to make things a bit more clear.


Exporting (as .stl) use Rhino WorldXY absolute coordinates.
I’d expect importing software to be able to keep original vertexes coordinates and to give you a way to apply that “pivot point” to the absolute 0,0,0. It should be trivial…

If not:

that one is called Rhino “Gumball”.
You can use the command _GumballRelocate to relocate it manually.
But if selecting many geometries it doesn’t apply permanently…

you can use this script:

-runscript (
objs = Rhino.GetObjects ("Select objects of which relocate gumball", 0, false, true)
For Each obj In objs
Rhino.Command "_GumballRelocate 0 _Enter"

Thanks, I’ll will give it a try.

Sorry, I’m not that good with scripts. It gives a error in line with -runscript (
Probably I’m doing something wrong.
I just have to copy this into the scripteditor between Call Main () and Sub Main?

On a toolbar create a new button, then paste the script into empty space.
Do it like this

Aha, off course. I have the script working now, I see things happen. But after finishing the pivot point are back on the objects central. What you mention earlier, …it doesn’t apply permanently…is this the case?

Ok, I found this works great! If I ungroup the groups I see the pivot is on the zero. Thanks a lot!

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