Rotating views and c-planes similar as in revit?

I have a project that is placed “true north” but i want to make a workspace with 4 views Perspective, Top, Front, Right that can show “project north”.

I’ve tried the command _Tiltview and rotating by the desired angle and saving the view in the named c-planes.
It works using this preset for the top and perspective views but not on the other views.

Is there any easy way of setting up this so I can flip between true and project north?

I’m not sure how it is done in revit, but you can set up named Cplanes like in Autocad and restore your views from them with a macro (fast).

That is what I’ve done in Named C-planes? But how do I control them from a macro/alias? I want all the views to adjust to to new cplane - perspective, top, front, right etc I can’t get that to work

what do you mean by “adjust to new cplane”? do you want this (the same) cplane active in all of your views or should the camera change according to the cplane? Are you switching project North around over the course of a project?

Normally I set this up once when I start up a new project:

  • Cplane World Top is World North
  • Then you can set up cPlanes with project north for all elevations, sections or floors and switch between them with macros

true north = true orientation, solar studies.
project north = easier to work in. the view is arranged according to the design volume not the surroundings.
All the views should relate to the new setup in the top view. It would be nice to have a macro that let you flip between these modes and making the ortho mode relate to the different modes.

what i want to accomplish is:
setcplanetoobject and then orient the view to c plane

view / set camera/ cplane top