Rotate tool stuck on Y axis

The rotate tool is stuck on one axis so when I try to rotate an object in the perspective view it will only allow me to spin it around, rather than in any direction.

I have scoured the internet and people seem to have had this issue before however what they did to solve it isn’t working for me.

I’m using the latest version of Rhino 7. Please let me know if you have come across this issue before and if you have a solution!


Rotate using what? The Rotate command? The gumball?

The default Rotate command rotates around the Z axis of the active CPlane, if you want to use some other axis you need to pick in a view other than Perspective or use Rotate3D or the Gumball.

Hi Jim,

The issue is when using the rotate command. It will only allow me to rotate along one axis, no matter which view I’m in.

For example if I had a tall rectangle, it will not allow me to rotate so it is lying long ways, it will only rotate around the ends.

Did you change your construction planes? If you repeatedly run 4View to reset everything does it behave normally?

Haven’t changed the construction planes. 4view isn’t fixing it either.

A couple of screenshots can say more than thousands words.

Sorry I didn’t know you could attach photos! Definitely easier.

So if I’m wanting to rotate the object on one of the long sides it won’t let me, it will only let me spin it around the bottom face:

Usually it would let me rotate it whichever way it was selected but for some reason it now won’t let me.

Rotate is a 2D command and only rotates on an axis parallel to the Z-Axis of the CPlane in the active viewport. If you don’t want to change the CPlane, you can use the Rotate3D command and choose the axis with two points.


The Rotate3D command does the exact same thing.

The issue is there in all viewports. It will only allow me to rotate as if I’m in the Top viewport, no matter which one I’m in.

For example, you can see here in the Right viewport it won’t let me rotate it from this axis:

Hi Angus - - once you set up the axis in that view, switch to a perspective or Top view to see the feedback circle and do your rotation.


You can technically do it, it’s just awkward, I’m not sure why you would want to…switch to another view or type in the angle.