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Does anyone know of a button or a script that will basically “transform”(rotate, scale, and move) like the gumball multiple objects at once(maya and max and even powerpoint have it) based on the objects centroid? I know I can use grasshopper but it’s a very common command that we use.


You might try BoxEdit - it has a panel you can dock…

Scaling groups/multiple elements without scaling individual elements

No, and I think it would be a terrific addition to the Gumball Options (“Transform multiple selections as individual objects”).

Box edit treats multiple selections as a group and transforms around the group centroid.

Move, of course, makes no difference, all objects transform relative to the same two points whether grouped or not.

History and Blocks will allow scale and rotate around object centroids, but only for identical objects, and must be set up during object creation.

The only thing I can offer is for scale. If you scale multiple objects the object centroids scale with them, but you may reverse the scaling of just the centroids and not the objects (scale the spaces between the objects) with Pascal’s excellent Scale Centers command. This should be added to the standard command set, in my opinion.
"Scale centers Scales the locatons of selected objects based on their bounding box centroids. The objects themselves are not scaled. Adds the following alias- ScaleCenters."


Try checking the box “Transform objects individually” in BoxEdit… It’s down near the bottom, easy to miss…



You’re absolutely right, Mitch, I did miss it and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. I now see I should be making more use of Box Edit, it is a powerful tool.


I do agree with you however that this would also be cool to do with Gumball, it there was some easy way to toggle the behavior.


(Pascal Golay) #7

I’ve always felt that BoxEdit and Gumball are really two interfaces for the same thing and that it would be interesting to see how it works if they paid attention to one another.



awesome! thanks so much.