Wish for GumBall

I’m using the gumball happily in rhino but I still think it needs some improvements.

  1. To be able to 2D scale (in one operation, not first x and then y…)
  2. To be able to scale/move/rotate each selected object around their own area or volume centroid and not just around the center of the bounding box of the all selected objects.

Many other cad programs offer these functionalities for many many years. It would be awesome to have them in Rhino 7.

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Can’t auto do this, but:


I want to find a use for MPlanes, but don’t understand what they are for I guess.

Align to Object won’t use an attached plane.

Thanks for all the illustrations and comments,

For the scale2d shift + left click was what I was looking for.

About scaling objects on their volume centroids though, it is time-consuming and unpractical to scale all of the objects one by one if you want to scale them all at once. (In that case blocks can be used, though)

I guess the MPlanes are good for operations aligned to a surface of an object, I don’t use them at all either though…

You can do this with Rhino native BoxEdit, or with a script. Below are a couple:

ScaleObjsAboutCtrsCentroid.py (1.9 KB)
ScaleObjsAboutCtrs.py (1018 Bytes)

The above are 3D scale tools however, but that can be adapted to do 2D if necessary (would be necessary to specify/assume a plane in which to do the scaling).


Thanks a lot… That works.

The advantage of a gumball version of this would be to see every change right on time as you pull the handle, rather then undo and redo…