Rotate is odd in latest WIP

Something is wrong with how rotate works, it seems to align the object to 0 degrees after the first reference point is picked.

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Yes it’s really bugged:



I’m also seeing this bug.
It only happens with snaps on the first reference point: you select a reference point and Rhino V6 seems to double its degrees of rotation. (e.g. if your first reference point is at 20 degrees from horizontal, Rhino will read that snap as if it was 40 degrees from horizontal).
It applies to the ‘Rotate’ and ‘Rotate3d’ commands

Hi all - thanks - this has been fixed for the next WIP - shout if that turns out not to be the case but it looks correct now to me.


Thanks Pascal, the Rotate command is fixed in today’s build, but Rotate3D seems to still have the orthogonal issue.

Yep, I see that, thanks.