Please add REAL angle degrees when rotating

Please add angle degrees when rotating as reference to estimate and then type final degree

Ok thought I’m an idiot but as reference in the last post showed ~330 degrees, when typing “<330” to constrain to this degree, this would constrain to 240 degrees. Maybe this could be fixed.

Hi Hannes - here, if I use <330 in Rotate, it snaps correctly as far as I can see. Maybe I am missing what you are trying to do.


I wish Rhino reported translation info in real time. Interactivity and UI are Rhino’s strongest features.

i believe both angles can be displayed with the cursor tool tips, the relative and the absolute

@pascal Status bar would say 330 degree, but when I type 330 degrees, it’s snapping to 240 degrees…

Finally established this little fucker :slight_smile:

Kaleidoscopic Layer - have to find some gallery guys with enough money to CNC mill it from alu