Rotate facade panels with range + remap doesn't work?

I tested range with remap to rotate facade panels from flat to rotated.
I don´t know why, but I get equally rotated panels, so unfortunately no range.
What am I doing wrong?
(I grafted the range component, but same problem with same rotation…)

Thanks for your help!
Best J

Curve + Points.3dm (23.7 KB)
Range (23.0 KB)

hey there,
there are two things happening, the first is that you have a list with 336 branches for the panels, while the list of angles for the rotation is just 42 branches long, so it applies corresponding rotation values 0-to-40 to the first 41 branches, and last value at branch 42 to the 43rd and all the remaining panel-branches

the second comes from the Remap+ cluster, as it outputs all values of 45, so all the rotations you are providing are identical

basically, you are telling GH to rotate the first 41 panels by 41 different values all equal to 45 degrees, and then to rotate all the remaining panels by one single value which happens to be again 45 degrees

using a serie component to generate 336 values from 0 to 335 and plugging them to the angle component makes the definition work, so I guess the only problems you might have in this definition are the ones listed above :+1:

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Hi Inno,

first of all thank you for your time and expertise.
I tried to fix this numbers and think I did, but the result is not changing.

The range + remap gives me the right numbers and different angles in the list, but as soon as i connect it to the rotation component, I get again equally numbers…

I tried it as well with the series as you mentioned, but it didnt´t work out neither, maybe i did it wrong.

In generell, I tested it with a series of lines and it worked. Dont´t get it why the same thing doesn´t work with the diamond objects … :wink:

Definition (27.9 KB)

It looks like (in the top screenshot) you maybe need to Graft the Remapped angles.

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Yes thank you! Now I get the angles.
Just have to figure out, to get the range in x direction, row wise.
Right now the angle is changing one after the other. Maybe i have to sort the list right…

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Try this:

Definition (28.4 KB)

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Thank you!