Remap Numbers to create a gradual height of lines

Hi all,
I’m just wondering how to make the height of lines grow gradually from one point to the other using remap numbers. Is this even possible?
I hope the image represents what I want clearly.

Thank you for your time.

remapquestion|690x359 (16.1 KB)

The image shows ‘Max height’ and ‘Min height’ points that do not share the same Y coordinate, so is the roof rotated to account for that? And some points are further away from ‘Max height’ than ‘Min height’, so what happens there? Is the roof a planar or curved surface?

Something like this? (15.5 KB)

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roof is planar- i’m trying to get a pitched roof.

Hi @mo5747112,

Here’s an alternate approach, where the pitch angle of the roof plane is first calculated, and then the flat roof boundary is projected to the rotated roof plane.

You’re intersection points inside the roof boundary aren’t needed here. However, if you want to use them for anything else, you can project them to the rotated roof plane. (24.2 KB)