Remap angle rotation

Hi, I am quite lost, I think in a glass of water…
I have two curves with the same starting point and I would like to rotate both (in a plane, origin in the same starting point).
I need to rotate the first curve 0° to 90° in a linear way (1-2-3-4-5…90) while the second one need to rotate slower from 0° to 45° ad then faster to reach 90°.

this means that when the first curve reach let says 45°, the second one is at 15°, but both of them will reach 90° at the same time.

I tried using a remap component with a graph mapper, but I need only one curve.

Something like this? (8.5 KB)

Thank you, but the problem is that I need only two values controlled by a single parameter in order to have an angle for the first curve that is different for the second one.

I need to visualize only the last purple and the last grey (but in this case would be the same value).
when the purple is 0 the grey is 0, …

Like this? (9.5 KB)

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yes!!! it works!
but in the gh file the red curves are always superposed.

I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean. In each branch these is a pair of curves: one from the linear distribution and the corresponding curve from the remapped distribution.

I’m sorry, my mistake, it works!!
thank you very much indeed!!!