Rotate and move together

Hi all, is there a way to move an object and rotate it simultaneously? here is a simple file for an idea. Perhaps Bongo could do it? I want it to be as if human beings were putting it into a compartment. thank you ,Marktank.3dm (100.8 KB)

Hello - Orient does that - does it work?


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Thanks Pascal, but it is more like rotate while moving the object, so as you move it, you can rotate it as well. Kind of a dual action move.
Say in a right view your moving it with gum ball using the window which makes it stay horizontal any where on the screen , then adding rotate with it so the box can rotate around the gum ball center.
My best description is like putting on a shoe. The foot moves in a direction as it also rotates into the shoe. That’s the best I can describe. —-Mark

you can use OrientOnCrv to preview it in the file you provided. (since it has the path curve in there… not sure if that was meant as an annotation or if it’s an actual part of the model)

what’s the reason?
is it so you can see the motion or possible collisions? or are you wanting an animated file ? or something else?

Hi Jeff, thanks for taking interest. Yes, it was to see if things would colide as a tank slid into a bulkhead with some restrictions. The file wasn’t the actual scenario, but to see if there was a way to make the move and rotate ( while holding a key down) in an easy fashion. I guess it is a type of antimation , probably a Bongo thing. Thanks , Mark

Chiming in late, but I agree and it would be welcome and useful feature, to be able to rotate and/or scale while moving. The orient does not cut it for interactive, intuitive coordination - Mark’s comparison to putting on a shoe is a spot on - you can only make it happen if the rotation and movement are coordinated and happen simultaneously.

It exists in some other software packages and has been wished for before, here:

Since now that V6 shipped and the wishing time for V7 is open, that would be a good one. Here is an idea of the implementation in Rhino:

Once user starts moving with Gumball or dragging the selection, the keyboard shortcuts become active (assume nobody is typing commands then). Imagine default: [A]-[D] for rotation along Gumball Z (or normal of the movement plane), [W]-[S] for scale along the center.
There would be a setting under Gumbal for each tranform “Step” per key press, and also an alternate step value if CapsLock is ON, for quick macro-micro moves…
If it catches on, there could be more things implemented easily like non-uniform scale, mirrors etc.

Here is a sample of similar functionality at work (intuitive move-rotate at the same time):



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Hi Jarek, thanks for seeing the need for this feature. Maybe it is too much ice cream for a nickel though.
Probably something that Bongo can do. I do hope a developer can spend some time with it. Seems like something gumball and another key pressed could do.
—- Mark

Hi @pascal, I keep coming back to the thought of a dynamic move/rotate. Hoping it could be done with gumball and a hold key. Just wanting to by able to move something while rotating it at the same time. So, maybe you lock in the move first, then with either the gumball widget or key stroke adds in dynamic rotate (dynamic rotate means you can change the rotation angle while in the command) to complete the action.
As said before , if it’s too much ice cream for a nickel, I understand. Thanks for listening, Mark

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Hello, I have the same problem as you, do you already know the solution of it? thank you

Hello- can you describe exactly what you are trying to do that Orient or Orient3Pt does not accomplish?


I want to make kinetic facade, then I want to make them rotate and move (translation) at the same time like animated

anyway, what is Bongo?

Bongo is an animation add-on for Rhino, from McNeel. Current version is Bongo 2, with a Bongo 3 wip available to Bongo 2 licence holders. There’s no indication when 3 will be released and development seems slow. In the meantime people are doing some animation with Grasshopper.

If you want to make rather simple animation, Rhino commands (SetFlythroughAnimation and SetPathAnimation) are good enough.

If you want to make more sophisticated animation of rigid objects, purchase Bongo 2 ($495) plugin.

If you want to make very sophisticated animation, either use free program called Blender, or wait several years until Joshua Kennedy finishes Bongo 3.

Maya is the best animation program, but it is very expensive and very difficult to learn.

Hi Naira - I think you want to look into Grasshopper for this.