Rotate 3D in Bongo 2.0

Hello. I am trying to animate the rotation of two polyhedra (rhombic dodecahedra) along an axis (Rotate 3D). However, it seems Bongo 2.0 does not support this. I have tried orienting the pivot, changing the CPlane, and turning on and off “Rotate in World Space.”

My problem above is to get the blue surface to rotate onto the red one (or the other way around). Any help will be greatly appreciated! (attached is the model just in case).

Polyhedra Rotate 3D Bongo.3dm (137.5 KB)

You probably need to rotate the Pivot of the blue surface to align with the “hinge” edge.

Rotating the Pivot can be tricky, since it doesn’t tend to do what you expect when trying to rotate from perspective view. Hint: After each failed attempt, re-run the command and check “Reset” to get back to a reasonable starting point.

After starting the command, and when picking a first reference point, pick one of the World axes (X, Y or Z), and then for the second reference point, use a view which is “axis aligned” with your geometry (perhaps a CPlane in your case, or rotate the geometry to align the “hinge edge” with the World axes), and finally pick the reference point from a corner of the surface you want to rotate.

As said, rotating the pivot this can be tricky until you figure out its behaviour, and the problematic bit is mostly due to the fact that rotating the Pivot typically doesn’t work well if trying to do it from the perspective view (it tends to rotate only in one axis at the time, hence it is easier to rotate if first aligning either a CPlane to the geometry, or the geometry to some plane axis, before trying to rotate the Pivot). Efter the Pivot is properly rotated/aligned, rotate the geometry back to it’s original orientation.

The Rotate pivot button is, typical for Bongo, hidden from you to be visible only when the Bongo properties panel is visible, and looks like this:

It may be easier to start the command via the command line (_BongoRotatePivot) or via the Bongo menu (in the menu it is always available if you start by right-clicking on the Bongo Panel/Navigator):

So the key issue is to rotate the Bongo Pivot one axis at the time, but If not one axis at the time, then the rotation will most probably not end up in the desired (correct) direction.

Finally define the Hinge to rotate around the (aligned Pivot) axis of your choice.

// Rolf

Thank you! Will try and get back to you soon.

@RIL I have it aligned to the hinge side now, but it still doesn’t rotate well…

As for the allignment of the pivot. Best option is to use the BongoOrientPivot command. It’s much easier.

Might be because “Rotate in World Space” is still marked?

Polyhedra Rotate 3D Bongo 001.3dm (158.5 KB)


I rotated X (red arrow) on the same plane, see picture, and then defined X axis as the hinge. Works fine:


I set rotation degree to 90º far below:

Bongo property settings (Hinge “X”):


Probably so.

// Rolf


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This really saved my life. Thank you so much guys!