Rope and torsade

Hello!!! I don’t success doing a fine torsaded rope: I use 3 cylinders, then group them, then use the command “twist” (well, tordre in french, I hope it’s the good translation in english!)… But 1- It seems to stop to twist afetr a few “circle”, and 2: the cylinders don’t stay with the same thickness, being more thin in the center of the torsade… how to get a nice rope in rhino?? thank you for help!!!

One approach could be with these steps:

-make a Circle>Around Curve at one end of the curve you want the rope to follow
-Place 3 evenly spaced points on that circle using _Divide
-Use Helix>AroundCurve on the input curve with these 3 points as the starts
-Use Circle>Around Curve to make the cross sections
-Sweep 1 Rail these circles along the helices to make the rope