Making a marine rope


does anyone have any ideas of how to make a marine rope with a different pitch in 3D?
Ive been struggled from creating an organic shape below.

pls let me know how to solve this problem.



I’m using my imagination here.

Spiral around a curve. Set the pitch and radius according to the size of the braid.
Then sweep three circles the diameter of the braid along the spiral.

Typically, you are going ot have 3 braids in a rope.

thanks for the comment.

well, ive got a problem in a pitch as you can see on the image.
some of thick parts need to get more distance even though i make 3 braids and get them together to make the one.

stretching the base curve is one option to give the object a different pitch as far as i know.

Think you need to lower the number of turns. Here’s one I made with two braids going around, same could be made with three or more, just change the start/end points of the spirals. This is with 10 turns.
spiral.3dm (3.7 MB)

Ah now I see the problem… you sort of need to change the number of turns along the curve… hmm. Tricky. You need a script or grasshopper I think?

This may help, you maybe able to butcher the driving curves to create a similar model: Progressive Spiral with Rhino XX feasible?

On second thoughts… You could probably do this by creating a cone that is 1/2 the circumference of the ring you want. Follow the tips above and then mirror and rotate it (maybe you’ll have to split the end at the widest point at a quadrant of the final twist of the helix.)

You could then flow the shape around the curve and then pipe it rather than piping it then flowing around the curve. I think you’ll be able to spilt and blend curves to remove any kinks or non tangent joined curves.


Its shape is very similar to a ring I have.
Then a guide

i drew up some flax rope and stainless steel rope in Rhino a couple years back, my approach was very different, if i recall i drew up some circles, can be 3, 5 or 7 etc, arrayed around a centre point, extruded the curves, then used the twist command i believe, then flowed along a curve , hth

thank you all, guys.

the most difficult part of making such an organic shape could be a joint
that combines the start and the end surface when twisting or transforming open curves.

it seems that i had better use an appropriate software to achieve the goal.

thank you for the video, Andy.

that was very impressive and i thought i could use it somehow.

No worries, I think it could be useful.

I would say that Rhino is the appropriate software for the task… You just have to think about the process and ask the right questions to achieve the goal. The time you spend looking for something that does it for you could be spent working out how to do it in Rhino… If you consider how you would do it on paper with a pair of compasses to ‘cheat’ the look and feel, you could do that with Rhino.

Once you’ve worked out how to create the correct spiral for 1/2 of the model you can flip it and rotate it to create the other half, as long as the curves you are using are tangent.

Good luck!