Can my pipe command result be 3 or 4 strand roped?

Hi, V5

I have a rope though it doesnt look very ropey, its 0.2inch diameter so a cord I guess ?

Took ages to route it to match a photo and avoid it sinking into surfaces and tunnel under a strap and back over following contours of surfaces ( a repel surface command would be good !, it moves it outwards until its resting on surfaces)

Its just a metal twisty tube as it appears, can this be now given a twisting rope like effect ?

3 strands seems to be rope core normally. (had said 4 or 5)
It must not go beyond the existing 0.2 dia surface which follows exactly a few surfaces which it rests on.

attached , includes the curve that was used for PIPE command 0.2inch start and finish.
turn 0.2inch dia pipe into rope 4 strand retaining diameter_NukedBM.3dm (401.3 KB)

Also and at the very least how do I kill that shine in shaded view. ?
I need this and the object its on with dimensions viewable ideally with different sheens on the objects, but shaded view I have never explored the sheen options. I havent time to read up on materials and raytracing, as I need it shown 3 weeks ago !


Just do the rope strands using a material. You spend so much time modeling details such as stranded rope.

I saw a you tube vid on doing rope in rhino so got the idea from there. I havent explored how to apply material to anything yet, as never any need, until now, its a luxury and working till 3am on this as 3 weeks behind I dare not get sidetracked.
If there is a 3 core rope photo material that will make this look like 3 cored rope in SHADED view I could do with knowing, the image doesnt do 3 core for me.
To have a few steps explained on how to rope it would perhaps see me with a rope tube.

or show it roped as such in shaded view.
3core cord


Can you post a file with the surfaces the rope lies on and shouldn’t sink into?

Here is a wire rope and nicopress fitting using the material I posted earlier. Tricky thing is getting the displacement channel just right to show the spiral lay of the rope. BTW, where do you get 4 strand rope?

I just found a supplier

Hi Martin,
cord 0.2inch and touch surfaces_nukedBM.3dm (580.1 KB)
I have extracted the relevant surfaces.

As for materials, I am a total newbie, and I have the entire device, 3 months work in various layer colours, if materials means using rendered view, then all will be greys, wrecking the complex data sheets I am about to make for construction. I look fwd to exploring what materials is all about, I love learning , if someone has 3 strand rope raster image that will rope my cord in Shaded view, bring it on as they say, I would need to know how to apply it. No doubt it involves scaling, and tiling and all twists marry up, nothing is ever simple and I cant afford to go to 5am, having lost 5 hrs today on domestic tasks that piled up.
Today was vital and I havent even started yet.

and now Joseph replies, very nice, can you send me the .3dm file,
Will that display in Shaded View ? I would need to make it a brown colour.
My device features many components and if I have to learn to use rendered view when I am hours away from finishing this, and desperate to do so as time has now run out, badly wrecked other plans I had, then … :cry: No way can I learn rendering and apply colours and materials to all the components, then create .pdf plans. I do look fwd to exploring rendering mode when life allows. I always thought rendered view lost text and dimensions but turning it on they still show, yet I could swear blind rendered lost views of something.


Here is my rope material that I used for the image above. Rope002.rmtl (11.1 MB)

Images are already in the material definition in the proper channels. Don’t make things harder than they need to be.

Hi, see my reply,
I havent a clue, total newbie, so would not have explored given massive time problems I am in.
I do want to learn, never needed materials or this before, .

brown cord is what I need, I presume I alter colours and so on, ned a natural fibre cord as such, darkish brown, could I import that (V5 by the way) into my project in shaded view ?


Opened you file and there are 43 picture frame material which are just blank white? Where did those come from?

And why is your camera for the perspective window rotated 23.171°?

I am annoyed by the fact that all I have is a file with a couple of layers, formed from exporting selected objects which dont have anything to do with images, and creating new file then importing the exported object, and its pulled in all my linked images. This was revealed to me the other day but I am not saving an existing file, instead creating one from an exported object.
What the hell is going on that such a simple export takes hold of all images as well, i never selected them.

I will have to read the post and spend yet more of my time, and i havent even started work yet, day from, hell, trying to figure out whats going on, lost the week through rhino acting up, doing gremlin like things, and not being able to align and project a photo to an object, which explains why the angle is as such.

What I desperately need is a command that will align a photo to an object, as stressed in the thread on aligning (vehicle) to photo.


OK, I purged the 43 blank materials and reset your perspective window to get things back on an even keel. I also noticed that you had an insanely dense grid, 20,000 major and minor grid lines, that would make one blind over time. I used a simple bitmap on your pullcord or lanyard which I can only image as a drag parachute deployment system and here is a screenshot of the results in the shaded viewport display. Only trick here is to set the cord to rendered display using Set Object Display Mode command.

That line used to pipe or sweep your cord is pretty convoluted with odd kinks that would probably straighten out under just a bit of tension in the realworld. Don’t despair!

Here is the 3dm

Rope Trick.3dm (4.0 MB)

And just the rope jpeg if you want to try to roll your own.


rope trick.3dm says V5 cant open it., can you export as V5 ?
I am not sure how this rope material thing works as it needs a dark ‘valley’ to be spiralled, its as if the material needs to be the fine strands, no doubt it will make sense when I see it.

Bitmaps…When one opens the file, does it flash the missing bitmaps situation at you, or do you have to go looking for such, I imagine the former which is a real pain. ?

Thanks for purge, however I need to revisit all my posts, and cant see a way of doing so despite Brian_M commands.
Brian points out that files contain bitmaps unless purged, his command will purge all, though for forum posts thats ok, as long as it doesnt back track and destroy them in the file from which the post was made using ‘export selected’.

I ran that command on my forum file, but nothing happened on screen to confirm, and I dont know where to look in V5 to see if they are gone.
I sometimes take the master file and simply delete layers and objects and use that for forum posting.

If I was to open that file might that back track and destroy those in the source file I used to make that file ?

Brian shows two command but neither work for me in V5.

Thats a nice cord and its in shaded view.

The kinks are intended, I spent a lot of time messing with curve points, nudge one a few thou, look at perspective again and the darn curve has kicked way out, I dont understand that m drives me nuts.

The dark spiral is the joint of the raster image am I right ?

How ould one take the attached image and make a non black spiral from it, would it need adjusting to be s et size for a 0.2inch dia cord, what about how it wraps around 0.2 inch dia, is there a lot of fiddling to be done in making the bitmap or does one make a tileable bitmap and the fiddling and match up happens easy ?
3core cord

would braided cable be a better bet ?
Braded cable


If you want to stick with the shaded viewport style, then you can turn your pipe into a cord:

  1. Take your centreline and create a circle around it at one end. Divide it into four segments.
  2. Create a helix around the centreline curve, starting at one of the segment points. Repeat for the other three points.
  3. Pipe each of the four helixes.

In this instance I used the following dimensions: circle radius 0.06, helix pitch 0.75, pipe radius 0.4.

turn 0.2inch dia pipe into rope 4 strand retaining diameter 001.3dm (5.9 MB)


Hi Jeremy,
WOW !!!
that makes total sense, initially, however I will open it and study that, as thinking about it again, the centre of each pipe must lie within my original .2 inch pipe, and taking a segment would be on the surface, so it will be clear when I view the file.

It actually looks like 4 strand cord because it is.

Using that principle anyone can make realistic cord and rope, GREAT.


Nice Jeremy,

Here is a jpeg texture file worked into a material that makes a very convincing small diameter much like parachute cord and flows nicely around a round pipe. I can use this do illustrate deck layouts for sail boats and I do like the crimp that Steve! This is actually the technical display mode that I have never really liked. This cord/rope material is a real game changer for me. 

But watch you aren’t sending your filesize to the moon for a little bit of rope.

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Thanks Joseph, but modelling the rope has limited application: I only offered it as something for shaded mode. If I were doing this I’d use render with an appropriate material to get the effect like you. And while it is easy to model a laid rope, a braided rope (like your textured example) must be near impossible.


Original pipe alone 439 KB
Modelled cord alone 1.12 MB