Rooms schedule keys

Can I get it from the room parameters after creating a key schedule in the room schedule?


When creating the Key it adds it as a parameter, which requires a Key as a Value input.

Thank you for your answer. I am attaching the image of the result of doing as you showed me. The data I need is from F1 to F6 and I don’t need revitement : :id796082, is there a way to solve this?


Can you explain a little more, i’m not understanding what you are trying to solve.

I hope the same appears on panel 2 of value picker


Can you provide detailed steps to what you are trying to do?

The way to work is to automatically create a floor finish by entering the parameters of the room’s key name and the parameters of the floor category type commentary equally. But as I mentioned earlier, the values of Query Element are purely F1, F2, F3… F6 should come out, but it comes out as REVIT Element : F1 : id796082, so data matching is not possible.

Thanks JH_KIM, you can use the Element Name component to get the name.

Wow, thank you so much! Thanks to you, the youngest member of our team doesn’t have to work late from now on^^
Of course, I worked overtime to make this^^

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