Roof simple for Any shape

I’m trying to design roof with any shape - curve ( close or open ).

● Also I have some solution but I feel it’s heavy and I know that I fake it.
I used lofte tool but curve must be open - it’s mean that I fake tolerance of top of it for 0.0001

● Is there some way how to say that I want to split surface and move it up middle line ?

  • Because for S line type curve it doesn’t work at all :frowning:

● I tried to deconstruct for points but I was stuck with tree.
also I tried to use just curve but loft doesnt work.

● I’ll be glad for any help or kick how to use it.
● WithOut plugins

=> My goal is to keep possibility to use for many lines with different curves shape.

Thanks :slight_smile:

201120_AnyShapeHouse-3.3dm (3.7 MB) (25.6 KB)

Hi, give this a try :slight_smile:
it’s just a sketched solution in 2 minutes, so it handles only one open -or closed- curve per time (14.8 KB)

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For open Curve Types, I believe Sweep2 will be a more apt approach. as it avoids the step to close the Curves after Offset.
Here is the GH file: 201120_AnyShapeRoof-3-Modified (29.5 KB)
I couldnt use your Rhino file as it was in V7 and I dont have V7 yet.

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Thanks lot. I don’t know why I was stuck for it more than 4 days :frowning: I look on YT and this forum and I dind’t found any solutio

But for example whan I add more curves your solution is also doesn’t work

It’s Exactly what I want and I see that it’s all about tree :frowning: . Big thanks :slight_smile:

No , tree used because two sliders plugged to distance input

Sorry for V7. Anyway Big thanks for help :slight_smile:

Ok Wau wau, Now I don’t know why I wasn’t able to do it before … I feel embarrassed
It’s looks like super easy and also you don’t have to condition about curves

I could swear that i tried similar solution but it doesn’t work for me

Rhino v 6 201120_AnyShapeHouse-2-V6.3dm (49.5 KB)

You must separate the curves as tree and make sure they are sorted, and always use panel to check if everything right


I found my previous mistake and it was about that I didn’t merge I just plug more inputs. And then it didn’t came out to right tree