Another loft problem

Hello, so I know, that kind of problem happens here a lot of times (maybe a million thousands or two), but I really cant resolve it.
So, I did relief map in skp from my topographic map, (no meerkat, because there is only paper docs), but it doesnt loft! Both in rhino and in gh.
I’ve tried to take list of point and join them into curve and then loft it > no result
I’ve tried to redraw lines in rhino > import in gh > loft them > no result
Next time I’ve tried to redraw lines in rhino > import in gh > loft them > flip some curves > no result
Please, help me :c (13.7 KB)
Link for 3dm and gh:

All files in one rar:

Take 2
Ive tried to extrude all edges of topo to the first one and trim them all in one place and at the final patch them all
But bad thing is I cannot make accurate topo with marked curve in pink circle (28.3 KB)

Also I dont know how to make closed brep from my brep to trim against

I think you don’t get the use of loft. These curves will better make a surface using something like drape in rhino.

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Thanks, already watched drape, but this is not really what I’m looking for, I need somethink looking more natural like topo from google skp, but in my case I cant get good data from shapefiles and etc from ethernet, all i Have is curves and their heights, so I’ll be try to search more, maybe some playing with patch will help, thanks for helpful direction!

more natural like topo from google skp

Which is, if I am not mistaken, a mesh.

In that case divide your curves with points and use the delaunay mesh component.

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