Roll a Surface

I need to either put the slots seen on the flat part into the rolled part. Or, roll the flat part with the slots already in place. I tried everything I could find. And project to surface doesn’t keep the current scale - size.

Untitled.3dm (151.0 KB)

Your flat object does not match the arc length of either the inner or outer surface of the curved one - it is smaller than both. Which side should the flat curves be mapped to on the 3d curved object?

here is what I’d do -
Slots.3dm (865.9 KB)


I used flow along surface. But the width and length of the two parts weren’t the same. So I just centered the two parts. See example here.Flowalongsrf.3dm (541.8 KB)

Yes, I know the surface lengths did not exactly match. For now, I was just interested in how.
Both suggestions worked, but flowslongsrf was easier. Is there much, if any difference in the outcome of these two commands?

Thanks for your help!