Roll surfaces to a certain diameter (250mm) to keep length/width

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I’m looking for plugin or grasshopper algorithm to roll surfaces to a certain diameter (250mm) to keep length/width of original surface?

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FlowAlongSrf may be useful.

If you post a .3dm file with a surface you want to “roll” then someone may be able to assist. You can upload a file by dragging it to where you type a post, or by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post?

How much experience do you have using Rhino? Have you done previous modeling using Rhino?

I have been using Rhino for a couple of months and I know the basic functions.

Attached one is the file that I want to roll.

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need to roll.3dm (101.4 KB)

Use FlowAlongSrf
need to roll DC01.3dm (1.9 MB)

Cylinder with Solid=No to create a cylinder of the desired diameter
SrfSeam if needed to adjust the location of the seam in the cylinder
UnrollSrf with Labels=Yes if desired
FlowAlongSrf using the unrolled surface as the base surface and the cylinder as the target surface.

Experiment if needed


Hello David,

Thanks a lot for your help. The result is exactly what I want to get.

I will experiment on my own as per the direction. :grinning:

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Hello David,

I experimented on my own but, the result is not same as yours. After FlowAlongSrf, the length and width are different from original one. Am I missing something?

need to roll DC01 with J.3dm (514.7 KB)
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Hello - use UnrollSrfUV to get the base surface - it does not look like that is what David did, actually but it helps keep the UV distribution the same on base and target surface.


dear @dream21jun
flowing along a cylinder might give you deviations because of the not even distributed paramterization of circles (and therefore cylinders) - … i just see pascal typing so he might give more info…
kind regards -tom

In the object description, the cylinder from David was ‘Surface of Revolution’. but, mine is ‘Extrusion Surface’.

How I can make the the cylinder same as the one from David?

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Several methods:

  1. ConvertExtrusion

  2. Explode

  3. Stop using extrusions. Options > Rhino Options > General > Command behavior > uncheck “Use extrusions when possible”. There is no significant advantage to using extrusions unless minimizing file size is important and your model has many surfaces which can be represented using extrusions.

It’s good to know the new methods. I will experiment again.

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