How to apply a flat drawing to curve surfaces

I have a complex, flat 2d drawing in Rhino that I would like to apply on a 3d curved surface, as a “sticker”, without deforming (as far as possible) my drawing.

I did it by using the Project tool, but it is a time consuming process that needs some editing in the curved part of the surface.

I did some other experiments with the Project and Pull commands, as you can see in the attached Rhino file, but with disappointing results.

My expectations are on the green layer.

Which tool do you recommand to do it properly without the deformations given, for example, by the Project command seen in the attached file?

see the experiments here:

I’d suggest using FlowAlongSrf but you’ll need to do some prep work for it to come out right. You can see the result in the attached 3dm. Here’s what I did…

1- DupEdge on the target PolySrf and then clean up the outer border curve which has gaps in it and Join them into one closed curve. DupEdge for the interior seams as well and Join the interior curves separate from the border. Make sure the border is a closed curve.
2- Use Patch to make a single surface through the curves you just made. I used 30x10 control points and the trim option. Be sure to use ShrinkTrimmedSrf on the surface as well after you’ve made it.
3- UnrollSrf the Patch surface and move the result which goes to 0,0,0 under your curves.
4- Use the Dir command to make sure the U,V and normals match up between the Patch and the unrolled copy. Adjust accordingly using the options for Dir.
5- FlowAlongSrf the grouped curves using the unrolled srf as the base and the Patch as the target srf.

FlowAlongSrf.3dm (495.0 KB)

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When I open a model, the first thing I usually do is ‘selbadobjects’ Running on your model it reports Command: selbadobjects
15 curves added to selection.

I wonder if this is a part of the difficulty.


Thanks Brian, I’m going to explore your solution, it looks like what I was after !

One more question.
What if I’d like to go the other way, I mean I have some curves applied onto a curved surface and would like to “flatten” them. I think that the typical Rhino tools for flattening surfaces don’t apply to curves, correct if I’m wrong.

I’d just reverse the process and FlowAlongSrf the curves to an unrolled version of the srf or a new surface of similar area.

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Oh yes, simple as that! Thanks.