Robotic Hotwire-cutting and Assembly

(Bob McNeel) #1

Robots in Architecture Workshop at RMIT

Watch the video: Combining Robotic Processes » Linking hotwire-cutting and assembly.

  • Design an economic, stackable, hot-wirecut structure out of planar EPS blocks (50x30x15cm)
  • Create an interactive design tool within **Grasshopper **for aesthetic and production immanent control
  • Use KUKA|prc to integrate the robotic fabrication processes All projects were developed and fabricated within a 5-day robot workshop at the RMIT Design Hub. The full-scale prototype was designed by Cam Newnham.

Special thanks go to the hardworking and enthusiastic students from RMIT’s architecture program, as well as the RMIT faculty - especially Jane, Andrew, Roland, and Rafael - for their continuous support and for being great hosts.

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Posted Jul 29, 2013 by Bob McNeel on Rhino News, etc.