Robotics in Architecture & Construction

Robotics in Architecture & Construction

An online self-paced Masterclass offered by the University of Sydney, Australia.
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Robotics and digital technologies can have a transformative impact on the way we design and construct buildings. Widely used in manufacturing, the application of these technologies to the built environment has been limited due to the complexity of the construction process and the difficulty of working with complex machinery.

Architects and designers are now harnessing the power of these extremely adaptable tools through innovations in software and computation to realize complex design to fabrication workflow. Industry interest is surging, and applications are emerging, from mass customization to worker safety.

This course introduces this exciting field, covering some of the key milestones and projects shaping research and development across the globe. It also provides a beginner’s introduction to what a robotic arm is and considerations for integrating one into your digital fabrication workflow.

Learners will:

  • Have an overview of the theoretical background and a clear understanding of the robotic opportunities and constraints in the built environment
  • Understand the physical traits of an industrial robotic arm and principles of programming
  • Identify the steps taken in designing a robotic project

Software used in this course includes Rhino 6, Grasshopper, Ladybug Tools, and KUKA|prc.

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Posted Jul 15, 2020, by Jody Mills on Rhino News, etc.