RIR Version 1.68+ Null Revit Levels Resulting In Missing Components

Hello! This is my first post on the forums but I have been gleaning knowledge from so many great posts from the community. Thank you all for that!

I recently upgraded RIR to version 1.68 and 1.7+ as well and found an odd issue with Revit levels that has me stumped.

In versions prior to 1.68 I would inspect an element and get it’s level information for the "Add Component (Location) node. This worked great!

Now as you can see Snip1, no components are returned with this method. Contextual hovering shows the Level Constraint on the Inspect Element node listed as “Level : etc…”, yet the Panel shows “Revit Level : etc…”

If I feed the Inspect Element>Constraints : Level output into the Add Component (Location) Level input it reads all levels as the following value: “Level : ”

Now if I either find the matching Element Levels from the overall Project’s Queried Levels I can plug that in just fine or I can query Element Level Parameter and plug that in and both of those workarounds will result in the Add Component (Location) populating the list with the added components.

However, nothing is visible in the model. I can right click on the Add Component (Location) node and select all elements in model but “no good view can be found” results and if I select all in the Revit window, none of the families are shown in the selection or selection filter including with reveal hidden elements turned on.

I know this method was working perfectly fine in RIR prior to 1.68+ and I’m trying to figure out if I am missing a new way of querying the element level information or if there is a new way to Add Component (Location) that I am not seeing? Or if in fact this is some kind of bug?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

Hi @michaelvollrath,

A new 1.6 will be released with a fix for this, the update system will notify you about it.
Sorry for the mess and thanks for reporting.

Thank you @kike !

It appears this is corrected in the daily build 1.8+.

The components are still “missing” but I discovered the reason for the “missing components” is that they were being added to a phase that was not active in my working 3D view inside Revit. I’m not sure why between RIR 1.4 and 1.6 the add component node would switch to a different default phase but I’ve found a quick workaround by feeding the Referenced Elements Phase output (A) into the input for the newly added components (B).

Thanks for your help!

Yes phasing changed in 1.6.

It use to add element into the Active View Phase, but since 1.6 it adds all elements into the last Phase of the project, no matter what View is active.
Active view may be arbitrary or you may be modifiing a Document that is not open into the UI.

If you need the previouse behaviour you can do like this.

Or shorter…

Or just converting from View to Phase

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Awesome! Thank you so much!