RIR Versioning

I have RiR 1.2 installed

but it also tells me 1.16.8 is the latest

So which one is it?

Also noticing RiR 1.2.7955 doesn’t let me select linked graphical elements, even thou that is an option

But it does do a good job at getting the element location, the element is in the current revit document

RiR 1.16 do let me select linked elements, but the element location planes are all realigned to global world XY which is kinda useless for working out element location.

The goal would be to have the working parts from both version

Hi David,

That should work, thanks for reporting.

There have been a lot of changes since 1.2, you’ll want to use the latest (fix coming soon)


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Thanks Japhy, so 1.16 is newer version than 1.2?

Correct. There will be a build available tomorrow with the Element Location fix.

the Daily Build 1.18x has the fix available.

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Install got blocked my our IT, so I will wait for the official release, but thanks for the speedy fix