RiR / HumanUI Value Listener Issue

Hi All…

I was trying to utilize HumanUI within my GH/RiR scripts, but I have been facing an issue with the value listener where the values do not update and I need to re-compute to get the updated values.

My test was just a simple text box and value listener, not tryin to set back values or anything to the UI Elements.

I have tested the same couple of components from Rhino itself (not using RiR) and the value listener updates without any need for re-compute.

So my question… is this some known issue with RiR or what is the case?.. any help / suggestions would be great.

Using latest Public release for RiR.


Adding another level of UI to the interactions of Revit-Rhino-GH is not well supported (if even possible in the current paradigm ). If you can post a small example we can take a look, none of us currently have HumanUI installed or are familiar with the particulars. Thanks

I also use Human UI to distribute our scripts to other user, it’s a very practical way to interact with the scripts with regular users. Your team should definitely try it Human UI | Food4Rhino

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Revit fill surface with equally spaced points.gh (103.9 KB)
Your team can try this script with just the player and see what can be achieved with Human UI

Does this example show the value listener issue?

I have checked again today, and the value listener seems to be working as expected, I think maybe I needed to restart my laptop / start a new Revit session for some reason.

So thank you both for reaching back, and thanks Thomas for the sample.

Below is a quick/small sample (Creates a DirectShape Sphere with release option), for anyone who might be interested in testing it out as well… seems to open up ideas for sharing solutions among the team.

CreateSphere-Origin.gh (11.8 KB)


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I’m having a similar issue, but only when I change some of the values in my Human UI dropdown. I don’t need to recompute the entire script just go in and do something, anything really, in grasshopper like re-connect a panel and then everything starts working again. I am using trees to dynamically generate UI content and the modify UI content elements to feed back values of the UI based on outputs from the script. There are no warnings from the Human UI window.

Going to try to use metahopper to refresh the screen. I already tried working with manual update for the value elements and connecting that to a trigger in my UI but that did not work since the connection to human UI stops at some point. The button to refresh the value listeners isn’t coming through so its just moving the same problem, the broken connection, to another element.

I tried putting a clock in the script with a trigger to update the script but its like Human UI freezes the script unless I interact with it. The clock goes blank just like everything else.