HumanUI - Slider Interaction Help

Hi guys,

I created a user interface using HumanUI, but it has some problems with the slider interaction.

Create Slider and Value Listener are used in my gh, which connects well from the gh to the interface when I change the gh slider number. But it does not work in the opposite way when I change the slider number on the interface, it is just no reaction…

Does anyone know how to fix it?

GH slider will not change when you scrub the HumanUI slider

Hi Will, Thank you for your reply.

Maybe I didn’t explain well about the question, please see the attached video.

These sliders do not react in the Position and Range parts when I scrub them, the bars do not move and just appeared as a quick flash. But the sliders work well in the Dimension part…

If your model takes long to update, it’s best to place a data dam (that auto updates) between the slider and the component the slider is connect to.

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Is there any error in the “add elements to window” component? This looks like you are illegally driving element creation or setup with values derived from a value listener.

Hi Andrew,

These days I checked out your replies in other places and revised my data loop again, the problem was true as you replied. Now it has been solved.

Thank you very much!