Grasshopper react to Revit model change in real time

Hello! I just finished a GH file using HumanUI to interact with users within Revit interface. But when I start the GH file using Player button, the Revit interface will be locked. I can only control the HumanUI interface.
A different problem occured when I tried to modify the model when the GH file is opened in Grasshopper interface. Grasshopper can not respond the modification in Revit until I click the Recompute button or change GH script.
The older RiR version seems could respond the model change immediately but the window of HumanUI and Grasshopper couldn’t keep opening.
Is there some methods to make GH script real time respond to the modification in Revit?
Thanks for any possible help!

Hi! Were you able to resolve this issue? I’ve been having the same problem as I try to deploy a number of scripts through the ribbon for other users using the method highlighted here: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

After scouring the forum in search of possibly related posts, I ended up here so figured I’d share my findings in regards to this topic.

Per the example here, I want the users to avoid having to open GH to use the scripts. Nothing wrong with opening GH, but might be intimidating for some unfamiliar users. Also, the RIR ribbon is a perfect deployment solution.

Like @zhuangdian was pointing out, when launching the scripts through the Revit Player OR through the ribbon script icon (ideal), my Revit view locks and only the HumanUI window is editable (likely due to the ongoing transaction changes). With a simple script like this one it works, with bigger more complex ones, it crashes. However, after simply closing the script window, it’d crash and Revit along with it. The crash report (GHPlayer_HumanUI_RhinoDotNetCrash.txt (1.0 KB)
) notes, that the unhandled exception starts at the Launch Window component. So, I added a ’Close Script’ toggle to shut down the HumanUI window once the user is done as opposed to closing the window normally as the script might still think the window should still be open. This seems to avoid the crash, but unintuitive. It will not release the elements either and there’s always potential for crashing. Seems like just opening the script from within GH is the best solution here as it won’t crash nor lock Revit or its elements. A pity as the RIR scripts ribbon remains unused.

Another thing I noticed is that the only mode that works with the Revit Player/ribbon in the HumanUI - Launch Window component is ‘Child of Rhino’. The ‘Child of GH’ only works if the script is opened from within GH (which makes sense) and ‘Always On Top’ will not work with either launch method.

I have attached the sample .gh files for both cases (a close HumanUI window option and no close option) if anyone wants to test as well as the error message .txt I receive after my numerous crashes.
GH_Player (21.3 KB)
GH_Player (25.0 KB)