RIR Grasshopper Player - Script Icons - Expected Size

I found this post with instructions for creating shortcut buttons on the Revit Ribbon (for Grasshopper player scripts).

However, using a square image results in part of the image being cut off. For example this 64px x 64px image:
test 64 x 64

Looks like this:

Is there a ratio or recommended size to make them fit? Or is the clipping a (super innocuous) bug?

Hi Matthew, It’s expecting 32x32.

Great to hear you are using this powerful feature.

Thanks Japhy, I just tested with a 32 x 32 png image, it seems like the clipping still occurs. I also tested with a much larger image (120px x 120px) and it looks identical… It seems like it can scale the image up/down, but then oversizes the final image and clips off 30-40% of it.

In Kike’s post demonstrating the feature, it looks like it does it there as well… The right edge and bottom edge of the Rhino inside logo are visible in the screenshot showing the image being added to the script, but are clipped in the screenshot of the Revit ribbon…

Hmm, I’ll ping Kike about it tomorrow, there may be something different going on there. I initially asked Ehsan to get the 32px answer.

Hi @Matthew_Breau1,

This should be fixed on v1.9.

A 64x64 it’s ok for HDPI screens.

Please update to test it.

Thanks Kike! I just tested and can confirm it is fixed in the latest 1.9

Incidentally, I see 1.9 is marked as release candidate… Do you know (roughly) when it will be released as the Public Release? Just asking for my own benefit, trying to decide when our IT should plan a deployment.

I will be released next Tuesday.