Human UI in Rhino Inside Revit

Hi guys,

Basically we are creating a ton of script in Grasshopper inside Revit. and I want them to be used in other offices as well. Recently we have started to add scripts to Ribbon. Now I want to add some sort of selection UI for this scripts.

As far as I understand, the button in the Ribbon opens Grasshopper when we click, runs the definition and closes it when the process is finished. Is there any way I can add a button in the Revit UI, when clicked it opens the Human UI interface?

I don’t have HumanUI installed at the moment, but here’s an example that Olivia posted that could help with testing.

The longer term solution seems to be RiR get/set for Revit along with Grasshopper player components.

Hey @japhy,

I have used HumanUI with Revit/Grasshopper before. But this requires opening the script in Grasshopper environment and keeping it open until you are done. What I want to do is, simply add a button in the Revit UI, when user clicks, UI will pop up and user will fill relevant information and click Run.

Grasshopper buttons in the Revit UI opens Grasshopper, runs the script and closes it immediately. If you install Revit and try it out, you will understand it better i think.


I’m running in the same issues, have you found a good solution?

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