RiR GH - Group Edit / Creation, Operate GH within Groups

A huge kudos to the entire development team for RiR, it’s an incredibly helpful tool for some of our office’s more complex GH-driven towers, and the latest release of Adaptive Components tools has been exciting to toy around with.

I’m currently working on a bi-symmetrical tower that will be composed of an exterior wall of Adaptive Component panels and some exoskeleton column caps that have been generated as DirectShapes via RiR. Ideally, the workflow would entail only generating adaptive components for 1/4 of the tower within a Model Group, and then mirroring that group across both axes to complete the tower exterior wall geometry. We have thousands of panels, so I hope to limit the adaptive component generation strictly to the unique panels and then mirror them around as copies. To do so I’d like to automatically place the geometry in model groups in RiR.

Has anyone explored creating or editing existing Modeling Groups in GH RiR with geometry generated in RiR? I’ve also had trouble with RiR’s window closing every time I click outside of the rhino or grasshopper canvas. If I were able to keep the Rhino and Grasshopper windows open while navigating revit, I could alternatively create the group and then propagate the geometry into the group using RiR.

Thanks in advance all,