RIR Create floor plan


Is there a simple way to create a floor plan in RIR? At the moment I’m getting an existing view, duplicating it and renaming it but I’m hoping there is a more elegant solution.

Nothing too much to add, maybe using a filter or by Name can tidy it up bit.

There is certainly a need for View related components. I couldn’t switch from Dynamo for that kinda tasks.

What additional Components are you thinking? Let’s can prioritize to most generalized ones first.

  • Definitely Creating ViewPlans (floorplan, ceilingplan etc.) from levels
  • Get/Set Crop View
  • Duplicating Views (AsDependent, WithDetailing)
  • Placing Views on Sheets (really popular use for documentation)
  • Isolate in View
  • Set Section Box (for 3DViews)

These are what came to my mind at first.


We recently added ‘Add Floor Plan’ to v1.7


Also added ‘Add Dependent View’

‘View Extents’ to asjust the view crop extents

And ‘View Section Box’

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Thats weird. I am on the latest daily build. But I don’t see those nodes.



Should be available now.

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I have noticed that "Duplicate Views with Detailing " is not available with RIR? Is there a component available which I am not Aware of? The workflow that I am following at the moment is duplicate the views as a depended views and converting them into independent views


This is an active feature request.

Here’s a quick python version to get you by.

R7-RiR_DuplicateViewWithDetailing.gh (7.0 KB)

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Thank you @Japhy