Right-to-Left Language Support (Arabic, Hebrew, etc)


I am very glad that this Serengeti exists, in order for everyone to suggest about changes to make Rhino suit everyone.
Please kindly if it is possible to implement Right-to-Left languages.

More specifically, I was trying to make Arabic calligraphy art panels using Rhino & Grasshopper, however the letters were not being linked together as they should be, but rather separated.

I really look forward to see Rhino 6 support this, it would be such an amazing feature!!

Many thanks in advance and best of luck to all :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately we are not going to get to this soon, but it is on the list.



Many thanks for the reply!
Looking forward for this support when possible

you can use Farsinevis Rose plugin and download it from food4rhino.com
Farsi Nevis Rose 1.4.1 | Food4Rhino

Fennec addon have a component to fix arabic language